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    Here are some tips on how to save gas. Many of them are tired and overused, but you might need a reminder now and then. Some are little-known but effective tricks to get the most out of your gasoline. A few are downright counterintuitive, but they work!

    We also have a collection of more extensive articles on saving gas. Check them out!

    And here is our collection of gas saving software. These spreadsheets and programs help you manage and monitor your car's maintenance and performance so you can get the most out of each gallon of gas.

    Want to share your gas-saving tips? Enter them here. If we use your tip, we'll acknowledge with a link to your Web page (if you wish). Or click here to submit a full-fledged article. We'll help you dress it up, if it needs dressing up, and we'll link to your Web site.

    In no particular order, then, here are's Gas Saving Tips:

    • Slow Down! Air friction, and rolling friction in your wheels, increase exponentially in relation to your speed. Laws of physics suggest that doubling your speed, say from 15 mph to 30 mph, requires four times as much fuel. It doesn't really work out that way, of course, because your engine is nowhere near 100% theoretical efficiency, and it is more efficient at moderate speeds than at very low speeds. Nevertheless, you will save considerable amounts of fuel if you drive 60 mph instead of 75.
    • Accelerate moderately. Physics again. The more briskly you accelerate, the more gas you waste.
    • Anticipate your braking. If you know you're going to have to stop or slow down pretty soon, stop wasting gas to get there. If you develop the habit of taking your foot off the accelerator as soon as you see traffic slowing down ahead of you, you'll make your gas last longer, as well as your nerves.
    • Consolidate your trips. This requires advance thinking, but it saves you time and money. Plan all your errands in advance. Think about the shortest route to connect all the places you need to go. Whatever you do, don't make a special trip just to buy gas!
    • Keep your tires properly inflated. It isn't just a Republican joke. One tire underinflated by as little as 2 psi can cost you a gallon of gas every 1000 miles. If you check your tire pressure every time you change your oil, you've wasted three gallons before you even know it!
    • Close the windows. An open window increases drag, robbing you of fuel economy. Use the vents unless it's really too hot.
    • Use the air conditioner sparingly. This goes against that "close the windows" tip. You have to strike a balance. If it comes right down to it, the air conditioner is better than an open window. And be aware that in most cars, the defroster turns on the air conditioner, too. Once your windows are clear, switch to the vents instead of the defroster.
    • Keep up your car's general maintenance. Besides keeping your car safe and making it last longer, regular service check-ups will keep your car at its top efficiency. Pay special attention to air filters (your car probably has several, so check them all) if you drive in dusty or dirty conditions. Low levels of engine oil, transmission fluid (even manual transmission oil), and power steering fluid can also cost you gas mileage.
    • Clear out your trunk. Are you spending gas to haul around junk you don't need in your car? Well stop! Leave it at home.
    • Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle. Do you need a minivan for your annual family trip to Grandma's house? Fine, rent a burbmobile for the week that you need it, and buy an econo-box for the rest of the year.

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