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  •'s Track Record

    Since we began publishing our national predictions daily in November, 2008, we have been correct over 99% of the time.

    Results for the past three weeks (January - February, 2018)

    Date of
    Buy Today
    Actual Price
    Buy -- No Buy
    01/29/2018 No Down Yes
    01/30/2018 No Down Yes
    01/31/2018 Yes Up Yes
    02/01/2018 No Down Yes
    02/02/2018 No Down Yes
    02/05/2018 No Down Yes
    02/06/2018 No Down Yes
    02/07/2018 No Steady Yes
    02/08/2018 No Up * Yes
    02/09/2018 No Down Yes
    02/12/2018 No Down Yes
    02/13/2018 No Up * Yes
    02/14/2018 Yes Down * Yes
    02/15/2018 Yes Up Yes
    02/16/2018 Yes Up Yes
    02/20/2018 Yes Down * Yes
    02/21/2018 Yes Down * Yes
    02/22/2018 Yes (TBD) (TBD)

    * Note: Under some circumstances, the average among the 12 cities in our national prediction model may move in the opposite direction from what we predicted, and yet we still consider that a successful prediction. These circumstances include: 1) "Steady" pressure, where prices may move in either direction within a predicted range; 2) "Mixed" pressure, where some of our 12 cities are trending one way and some the other, and the actual net result may be different from what the average trend suggested. In either of these cases, we publish the predicted range for the next day's average prices, and we call it a successful prediction if: a) the actual change in average price was in the direction indicated by average pressure, regardless of the amount of the change; or b) the next day's actual average price was within the predicted range.


    • Date of Prediction - The date we issued this prediction, pertaining to the next business day.
    • Buy Today Recommended? - Did we recommend buying gas that day ("yes"), or waiting to buy gas the next day ("no.")
    • Next-Day Actual Price - Which direction did retail gasoline prices move the day after our prediction?
    • Correct? - Was our recommendation correct? Would you have realized a savings, or at least not realized a loss, by following our recommendation?

    View our track record for previous months. Overall success rate to date: 99%

    Our prediction algorithm is designed to predict the change in retail price of regular unleaded gas at the second cheapest gas stations. Each day, based on that prediction, we recommend whether to buy gas today, or whether you would come out ahead by waiting until tomorrow. We check our prediction against the most recent available prices at the second cheapest gas stations in our test areas. If you would have saved money, or not lost money, by following our recommendation, we call that a successful prediction.

    Disclaimer: This Web site, and all of its predictions and prediction devices, are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We will not be responsible for incorrect predictions, or for any damage or losses you may incur as a result of using these predictions. While we believe that our prediction algorithm works, you must accept responsibility for your choice to use this information.

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